The 1st Meeting

Today I had my first meeting for my Dissertation, after sending off my proposal and let me tell you, I was petrified. 

A fortnight ago I submitted a small sheet of paper, referencing what i planned to write about for my dissertation. It wasn’t a lot but the information submitted was then used in finding you a personal tutor to pair you with, someone who had in-depth knowledge on the subject area. For me this was a Human Resources, but more importantly the recruitment process. Luckily for me I got assigned to a young female professor who I have worked with before quite recently, making me feel more relaxed about the whole situation. 


I was slightly nervous for our first meeting because the title I had submitted in my proposal was not my actual dissertation title, but the title for a report I am writing for the University’s HR department. in all honestly, I had no idea’s on what my actual title could be, something recruitment based obviously but what? I had no clue. Anyway, I attended the meeting and explained the situation of the report being for the University as well as being the main content of my dissertation. Furthermore explaining that I was unsure on a title and on just quite how to go about the rest of the report. I was concerned that this would make me behind in targets, in relation to the rest of her students but I was far from wrong. I was actually ahead, truly! I had a report which came with unlimited access to the HR department, meaning I already have all of the data needed for writing this report. Basically I have everything I need to write half of my dissertation, I just needed to write it.

As for the other half, well that gets filled with ‘generic’ stuff, for example, since I am writing about my university a section will be dedicated to giving basic information such as when it was founded, how many students and staff members etc. Another section will be the same but for recruitment processes, then there is the whole introduction, conclusion and my personal proposal for improvements. Just talking through this made me feel a million times better that what I did before, and the meeting was only 10 minutes long! It’s amazing how one small meeting has totally changed my outlook on the whole situation, I’m truly relieved. 

So the next meeting is in a fortnight and we have been assigned targets. In this next meeting we have to have the first 1,000 words written out, obviously just a draft copy that will be edited and improved but it is just writing about the things I listed earlier about the introduction to the university and recruitment process as well as finding two journal articles to reference and impact on our dissertation. Once this is complete the meeting with then  move onto deciding what structure we will use to form our work, editing our first chapter and beginning to look into our second chapter. 

I’m actually excited to get started and cannot wait to share with you in a fortnights time what has happened within the upcoming two weeks. Hope you enjoyed this article and feel free to leave a comment.

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