Article 28 & A Christmas special

Unfortunately last week I was unable to write an article for Quick Fix magazine, but I am back up and rolling now for this weeks 28th issue of the magazine. Not only will I be filling you in on what I wrote in this weeks article I will also be telling you about the monthly magazine Butterfly Pride and their Holiday Special theme for the December issue. 


Firstly, Quick Fix. This issue is number 28 and I decided to talk about anxiety and personal triggers. The article was based around my struggles with anxiety and what triggers me to go into panic/anxiety attacks. Also it identifies what I do to avoid these attacks and give examples in order for other suffers to try out, however it also highlights that everyone has something that they get anxious about, therefore we all share in this feeling. Moreover, it talks about different scenarios on where I get my anxiety attacks as well as stating that I am not fully in control and am still developing in my recovery. 

Moving on, Butterfly Pride‘s next issue is for this December and therefore it was holiday themed, meaning we could write about our traditions, love and sharing, different holidays we celebrate etc. I chose to write about my families personal traditions as well as a select few repetitive holiday customs that I’m sure not just my family seem to have. I walk you through our Christmas day rituals, from opening presents to bed time as well as letting you relate to some of the ‘typical’ Christmas occurrences that we can all relate to. 

To read my Quick Fix article click here and keep your eyes open for the Christmas Magazine’s release, I will share the link once published. 

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