The first few articles

As you all know I recently started writing for a weekly, online magazine called Quick Fix as well as their monthly magazine Butterfly Pride and I am thoroughly enjoying my time with these amazing people. So what I have decided to do is dedicate this blog post to filling you all in on what my magazine articles have been about over the past few weeks. To follow on from this, each Friday I will write a blog linking to the weekly release of the magazine and again letting you know what inspired that weeks work for me. 

As I said earlier, I write for both the weekly and monthly magazines, starting at edition 21 for Quick Fix and 22 for Butterfly Pride. I will go through issue by issue what each article was titled and a summary of it, leaving the link to each one as we go, leaving the link to each article as we go. 

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Quick Fix

21 – Your life tree has more than one branch.

This article was based on the idea that not everything goes to plan and that that’s okay. Just because you life plans do not work out does not mean that you have failed, sometimes things end so that better things begin. I base this around my own experiences through my high school years and how I thought I had reached an end, but I assure you it was only the beginning.

22 – “My cat’s blacker than your cat”.

Referring to the fact that we always seem to be in competition with other people on who has the newest gadgets, or the better car, or who’s smarter, better looking or more fashionable.  Stop competing, if we were all meant to be the same we would be, individuality is our own thing, so stop trying to win in your own one man race. 

23 – Some thoughts on Suicide.

A different set of views on suicide. My own personal views and experiences, my partners views and some general views and comments I have over heard. Can be seen as shocking to a certain degree but these again are all strictly opinions, which we are all entitled to.

24 – Heart4Rhya.

In memory of a girl from my community who recently died of a brain tumor. The article talks of her battle as well as all the great things that came from the heart of this young girl and the beauty that came from her tragic death.

25 – Family and Relatives.

My personal opinions on the difference between blood relatives and family and that one is not necessary more important that the others, as well as the fact that you may be closer to someone who is not blood related to you, but that does not make them family. 

26 – Lean on me

The battle between independence and dependence. Some find the the middle ground quick hard to find, I know I did. Here I talk about my fight between the two and thoughts and advice on saying its okay to need help sometimes. 

Butterfly Pride

22 – Me, Myself and I.

A quick introduction to my life, family past and history in general just to let you get a small idea of who I am. This will link to future articles where I will expand on certain aspects of my life, letting you have a deeper look.

23 – Dia de los Muertos.

A Halloween tribute for this months magazine and here I focused on the Mexican day of the dead with a twist. Here I lay tribute to a few wonderful people who have passed away in the last few years and letting you know about about them.

Hope you enjoyed the blog as well as the articles attached. Don’t forget every Friday I will be blogging about my newest article so make sure you take a look!

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