1st semester – so far

Two months in to my final year of university and half way through my first semester, time seems to be flying! 

I thought I would give you a slight break down on my semester 1 timetable and work load since I haven’t written anything in a while. This semester I only had three modules; two Business based and one English based. The English subject is called ‘Representations of Totalitarianism and the Holocaust‘ and though it can be quite emotional at times, is a truly interesting class. As for Business my first class is ‘Contemporary Employment Relations‘ and the second is for my Dissertations

The dissertation class is quite generic at the moment, telling you how to set out your essay, word count and just general requirements. As of 6th November however, things will change. Our titles for our dissertation have to be handed in and from here, we are all assigned a personal tutor who specialises in our subject area. For me this is obviously Human Resources and though I have a report to base my dissertation on I am not quite sure what my essay title is going to be, I mean I eye-catching title on Recruitment.. really? I mean I’m sure I will figure something out eventually but so far I am just sticking with my report question.

Assignment wise this semester I actually do not have a lot at all:

  • One group presentation for English which is to last 30 minutes (January)
  • One 3,000 word essay for English on Totalitarianism  in relation to a text (December)
  • Submission of my Dissertation title and begin planning (November)
  • One 2,500 word essay for Business on Trade Unions (December)

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Not a lot of work at all and in all honesty I am really enjoying myself and haven’t had a break down yet, but I know that once 2nd Semester starts things will be totally different. I have been quite organised this year with my work compared to previous years, hopefully if I can stick like this for the rest of the academic year then things will go fine. 

I hope you enjoyed the catch up blog, feel free to like or leave a comment.

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