This blog is going to be slightly different compared to my usual charity posts. 

I live in a small village in the Centre of Britain, situated near Hadrian’s Wall. The village is extremely communal and focuses very much on supporting the local area and people. Recently we have lost a young member of the local area, a 14 year old girl. Earlier this month Rhya was told she had a brain tumour and after two weeks of fighting, she lost her battle and passed away. 

The amazing family of this young girl began a ‘Heart4Rhya‘ page in order to raise awareness of her battle but also to help her spirit blossom and inspire others. The idea started with getting local football teams coming together for a photo and doing the heart symbols with their hands and post it on the page. This took off and the page has had teams from all over the world posting their photos for young Rhya. 

Apart from this, they have also set up a Facebook page where these photo’s all go and a Go Fund Me page. Basically  I want to do my part to support my local area and raise as much awareness as possible. I am contacting my University to see if our sports teams will get involved and post photos on the page as well as spreading awareness of the sponsorship page for those who are willing to donate. 

Please take a look at the page by clicking here, as well as the Go Fund Me Page by clicking here. Any comments, pictures or forms of awareness and support would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you for reading. RIP Rhya.

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