Good Deed Planning

As you all know my partner and I had signed up to take part in the Colour Run in order to raise money for the NSPCC however the event was cancelled. We said that though this is the case we are still going to run the distance and donate the money we would have paid to enter the event to the charity. This run has been put on hold for the time being due to University picking back up and not having the spare time to do the event. We have made the decision that once we return home for the holidays we are going to do the run in our T-shirts around our local area. So be patient and look forward to the holidays and seeing our photos and a blog post about our run. 

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The next event we are planning is in order to raise money for the Arthritis Research Trust. This charity is more personal to me than my partner as I am a sufferer or arthritis, hence why I want to raise money for such a cause. Advances in medications and procedures to help arthritis are amazing and transplants still blow my mind, however for me I am unable to get a transplant for two reason. Firstly, the arthritis is throughout the entirety of my body and effects every joint. Secondly, due to the type of skin I have it would be more dangerous for me to have the operation that it would be to just ‘deal with it’. 

We are still planning it out but we have decided on something that seems fitting and is something that we both wanted to do anyway and may as well do, since it is on our door step. We plan on walking Hadrian’s Wall. The full 84 miles. Like I mentioned earlier it has only just been decided that this is what we are doing and therefore everything else is all up in the air, dates have not been decided upon yet but look forward to blogs in the near future finalising details and giving you more in-depth information on the charity itself.

Thanks for reading and if you have and comments or suggestions, please leave me a line below.

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