Branching off

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This is just a short blog post to fill you in on the magical news I received the other day which I mentioned in my blog post ‘Business is Booming‘ (click here to read).

For those of you who have already read the post you will know that I got a voluntary job writing for an online magazine called Quick Fix, their magazines are released weekly and are full of other writers and bloggers such as myself writing about, well whatever tickles their fancies really. It’s such an amazing opportunity for me as I just use my blog to post about charity work and my final year of my degree. This magazine gives me a space where I can write about whatever else I want to cover or say at the time and allows me to do so as part of a wonderful team of writers

So if you are interested in seeing what else I have to say then head on over to the  Live Laugh Love Ranting blog by clicking here and read their Quick Fix magazine (click here for short cut) which is released every wonderful Wednesday!

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions on what I can right about in the magazine then leave me a comment on this blog.

Blog you later »


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