Business is Booming

This is just a quick blog to fill you all in on my week, which has been an interesting one. Back to university for my final year, first lecture on my dissertation, beginning of my HR project for the university and then something very special that happened yesterday.

I love being back at university and felt like I was more organised that I had anticipated with me already having a Dissertation idea and placement project I could write about. After attending the lecture for the dissertation guide it gave me a more reassuring feeling that I was on the right tracks and one step ahead of the game. A final email to the to lecturer to propose my idea and I was set, confirming that it was a great project to stick with it and to create a wacky title to make it eye-catching.  So that was the dissertation queries done with, next job –  email the HR department to confirm that the idea had been excepted and inform them that I was able to start the project once they had sent me the information. This I will be getting by next week allowing me to start the report and evidently start my dissertation. 

So all in all my week was going pretty well with my dissertation being able to be started next week due to my HR report for the University. It couldn’t have got any better… but it did!

While scrolling through WordPress I stumbled across an advertisement on a blog page which also run/write two of their own magazines, advertising for writers for one of their magazines. I imagined that hundreds of people would be applying for the roles available and that they would all be passionate/experienced writers and that I would not get a look in, but I applied anyway to see what would happen. To my amazement, the CEO of the page got in contact with me and after a thrilling conversation on Facebook, exchanging information about each others blogs she offered me a position writing a weekly article for the magazine less that 24 hours after I applied for the role. I could not be more happy with this and I am looking forward to extending my experience in writing through this role. 

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If you are interested in viewing the magazine I am going to be writing for called ‘Quick Fix‘ then click here, alternatively view their page at 

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