HR placement recap – Wellburn Care.

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For those of you who follow my blog you will see that so far there has been barely anything on there about business, specifically HR which I plan on having a career in, in the future. This is because I am waiting to start my final year in university and start writing more about my HR placement, which I mentioned in a previous blog which you can read here. So for the time being I thought I would fill you in on all the other HR placements I have had over the past two years and tell you what I have learned, starting with this placement.

So this time last year in my first semester I done a three month placement at Wellburn Care, a head office for a chain of nursing homes based in the North East. My job was simply to shadow the HR Manager and do small projects, though due to the office being quite small I was able to gain experience and work within each of the different business sectors of the office. The business had just recently went online for both advertising the care homes but also jobs and this is where a lot of my work came in. My first project was reading through their new job application booklet to check for grammar etc. as well as seeing from an outsiders point of view if it was easy to follow and understand when applying for the job. Once this process was over (which was done in the first day) I then got given two main projects that took up the majority of my time there. 

The first project was to write a brief descriptive paragraph of all 14 care homes that they managed in order to clarify the location, size and specialist provisions of the home for both all forms of applicants. Once this was complete I then had to write a job description for each of the 37 different job role available, summarizing eligibility and requirements, as well as identify what each job role entailed for the applicants.  These two different sections of information where then easy to access and change in the future for the organisation for they were able to copy and paste the information from each section to create the job advert quickly, rather than writing it all out each time as they were before hand. Once this was complete, I then had to collect all of the information together as well as the booklet I mentioned earlier and create ‘job packs‘ which the organisation was using online, again this to just make it easier to collect all the relevant information together in one space quickly and effectively

The second main project was in CIPD checking and filing. Due to the nature of the jobs advertised all applicants that got through the first part of recruitment then had a background check done on them which was tracked online. The process for me was quite simple; check each application by using a code and then wrote on the application sheet the date in which their verification had been made, followed by then entering this information onto a spread sheet in order to identify which applicants where ready for the next stage and whose where still going through the CIPD process. 

I could not have faulted the job at all, each aspect I covered throughout my placement was extremely interesting and eye-opening, these being the main two of course but I also covered areas such as pay role, marketing and promoting, finance, administration and was also able to attend several outing to the care homes to introduce new activities for the patients and also looking into the care homes accounts and filing. 

This placement definitely helped me truly identify with myself that HR was the right career path for me, it even helped me narrow down the sort of area I would prefer to be in within HR – Recruitment. 

Hope you’ve enjoyed the blog and leave a comment if you have any questions or feedback.

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