The List

Okay so as a said a short while ago, I was going to write a list of all the different ‘good deeds’ I have done and plan on doing! For more information on that please read my blog ‘Summary of Good Deeds‘. So here you go, here is the list which will constantly be getting updated so you can see what I have achieved as well as what new events are on the list.

(Black = uncompleted, Green = completed)

  • Registered Blood donor
  • Registered Organ & tissue donor
  • Registered Stem cell/bone marrow donor
  • Shave head for cancer
  • Raise money for Macmillan Cancer Research
  • Donate hair to Little Princess Trust
  • Do a colour run to raise money for the NSPCC
  • Raise awareness or money for Dementia
  • Raise awareness or money for Arthritis Trust
  • Donate cord and afterbirth
  • Take part in a sponsored activity
  • Get first aid training
  • Learn sign language 

Keep following this blog for updates and leave a comment if you can think of anything else i could be doing in order to give back. 

Blog you later » 


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