A quick update..

So this is just a quick blog to update you guys on whats been happening over the summer for me and let you know whats to come in the future.

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Okay so over the last few weeks I have been unable to blog due to working two jobs full-time as well as general living getting in the way of my free time and blogging time. Brave the Shave which I can happily say that we have raised a total of £517! Since then the hair has grown in amazingly over the past month and I plan on blogging in the near future about that. Other than that my partner and I have also applied to take part in a local colour run to support the NSPCC which I shall also blog about once completed.

Yesterday I moved into my new house for my final year of university and have a couple of things coming up which will help me throughout my final year. I am still waiting to confirm some of these so all will be revealed at a later date. The house itself is amazing and my room is coming along nicely, I could not be happier!

So yes lots of thing to look forward to seeing in the future and probably a lot more things that I have forgotten to mention. Now that I am back in university I plan on getting in a regular routine with everything as well as blogging so look forward to some order in these posts!

Blog you later »


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