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After months of emailing different companies over the summer holidays I finally have a project that I can work on for my dissertation and this one comes with some added bonuses! 

Since finishing my second year of University in May I have been looking for as much work experience or placements as possible that link to the area I want to go into –  Human Resources. Three came up that were the most promising; a years placement at a head office in Newcastle, a semester placement at a head office I had previously done experience in last year or help on a project within the University HR department. As you can imagine the placement option which I had already been in was my last option for I want as much variety in experience as possible. I further investigated my other two options and unfortunately, due to businesses being busy I have not yet had any confirmation from my years placement option in Newcastle, leaving me to hope that the University were still interested in me coming in to help them on a project they were doing. 

Previously I visited the HR department within my University and they gave me an induction day so to speak, allowing me to go around the department and interview each member of the different aspects of HR as well as them all printing out and giving me a vast amount of information which really help me through my studies. I was so grateful for everything they were able to do for me and they have gone and done me one better this year!

They sent me an email informing me that there is something I may be interested in helping them with and once a date was organised I went in for a meeting, which was this Tuesday. I met with a women names Justine, who was the lady in which organised the induction/interviewing day for me the previous year so as you can expect I was thrilled! After a brief catch up and pleasantries she began to tell me about the project and my role within it, which I will mention to you in just a moment. Justine has made my day, I only expected to be helping with something small over the summer but she has taken it to a whole new level and has basically made it so that the project can also be my dissertation while again, taking into account that due to it being a business based dissertation, the information used has to be as up to date as possible. 

Right so the project is in recruitment and two years ago (when I started university) they introduced a new form of recruitment called E-recruiting. Rather than just looking at a CV they now look at things online, such as your linkedin account and if I am right, also have a small questionnaire for you to fill out in order for them to get more of a feel for the kind of person you are. This like other recruiting schemes leads into further interviews before seeing if the individual is suitable for the job. Due to it being such a new thing in the university’s recruitment they are wanting to create an evaluation and report in order to identify how successful and effective the process is as well as deciding where they go next with it.

This is where I come in, they want me to produce the report. Summarising how they recruited before hand and how effective it was compared to now with the E-recruitment, analysing the results. Once doing this I will then conduct a number of interviews with staff members that have came in through this process over the last two years  in order to see how they found the process compared to more traditional methods. Once conducting these results I then have to find any faults with the process which can be corrected or improve upon the process in general. Finally I will write a conclusion that will recommend a number of different directions that the University can take in order to push forward with there E-recruitment. Once writing the report I then hand it into the HR department and submit it as my dissertation. The HR department will then look over this to make sure I have done everything they asked for correctly before, well basically taking my suggestions and applying them to the E-recruitment! That’s right, I do it the whole thing for them which they will present to the head of staff and apply it to they recruiting system! They have given me full access to the HR department as well as any other pieces of information that could be included within the results of my report.

WOOOOW! This is a dream!

Obviously this has only just began and been confirmed therefore it is early days yet in saying which way this is going to go but I could not be more pleased with what I am a part of. It just shows that all you have to do is ask and your University will do everything they possibly can to help you out. My original email to them was just asking if I would be able to come in for another day like I did last time and interview them further, as well as asking if they had any ideas on interesting HR dissertation questions.

I will keep you up to date on my dissertation as well as any other placements or great experiences I get!

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