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After a week it’s finally here, the spit kit! If you haven’t read any of my previous blogs then please read ‘Summary of good Deeds‘ and look for the piece on stem cells. Alternatively, visit  www.blureay.wordpress.com and read ‘A guide to: Stem Cell Donating‘ for more of an in-depth review on the process. 

Okay, so once you have applied to be a stem cell donor they send you a spit kit which is exactly what it sounds like. The reason for this is so that they can use your spit to find a match for a potential client who is in need of stem cells or bone marrow. But enough about that, let’s go to the unboxing

So once you have opened the plastic envelope three things come out; the spit kit box, a step 2 guide and a small business styled card which gives you the option to change you mind and cancel your registration with them and send back the spit kit untouched. This allowing the kit to be reused and give someone else the chance to be a life saver.

Within the Step two guide are four smaller items as well as a list of instructions on the back telling you what to do before and after your spit test. Items in the guide include an invitation to go on a sky dive to again help raise money and awareness, two tea bags in a cup-shaped booklet. The reason for this is to help again advertise the charity by sitting down with a family member or friend and watch the animated video provided on the Anthony Nolan page which gives you a walk through of the whole procedure. The other two items are the plastic bag you place your complete spit test tube into and a step three card which is to help spread the word but posting in on  your social media (which is what I am doing no!).

Right finally, the spit test. This could not be more simple and just in case they give you a walk through on how simple it is and what you need to do. On the test tube there is a guide at the side which shows how much spit you need to give (once settled/no bubbles) as well as clear instructions that you should NOT eat or drink at least 30 minutes before.

After this there is a small plastic box filled with a purple liquid on the funnel you spit into, fold this over and click it down like a lid to release the liquid into the test tube. Remove the funnel and place on the other lid provided in the box. Now you have 5 seconds of fun – pretending to be a scientist. SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE IT!

That’s right, you shake your test tube with joy knowing you have done something fantastic and it took a whole minute out of you day, not to mention the fact you get a nice cuppa out of it! You need to also make sure that you put the date and time on the test tube of when you did your spit test in order to aid the laboratory at the other end of this process. Once finished, place your test tube into the plastic bag provided before then placing that inside the free post envelope they gave you. Head down to your local post box and send it away, easy. In 6-8 weeks you will receive an email from the Anthony Nolan trust to confirm that you are now on the register.

So there you go, an easy way to get on a registry to potentially save a life. I recommend this to everyone! Please give my other blogs a view to see what else we can do to help others! 

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