And we’re off!

We’ve braved the shave for Cancer

If you want to know our inspiration behind doing so please see my previous blog ‘just a trim please‘.

So yesterday morning we headed down to our local hair salon to get our heads shaved! The rush I felt when we walked in was immense, reality had finally set in and it felt incredible. It’s all well and good saying that we were going to shave our heads and raise money for the charity, but you don’t really think about the outcome until the day. Well I can honestly say that this feeling was like nothing I have ever felt before in my life! I loved it. I have raised money for several different charities in the past and of course always had a rewarding feeling but never like this. This felt like I personally made a difference, which sounds selfish but in the past it has always felt like a group effort. Taking steps together to help make a difference, where as this felt personal and as if I had truly made a difference individually… and of course with my Partner!

Okay enough yab, enjoy some photo’s of our transformation. Macmillan was kind enough to send us a T-shit and a barber cape to help promote the charity, which we wore proudly.

As you can see my hair was sectioned and then cut off because as well as supporting Macmillan, I also donated my hair to Little Princess Trust, who make wigs for children suffering from cancer, alopecia and other illnesses.  

We are so grateful for all of the support we have gotten of friends and family and could not have asked for more when it came to the generosity of everyone’s donations. Which leads me onto revealing or donation total. Drum roll please…


This beating our initial target of £250 and we are still getting donations! Like I said, we could not be more happy or grateful for everyone’s efforts in this experience. Finally I would like to highlight and thank a few key people throughout this journey:

Sam – For being so spontaneous and basically giving me the push I needed to finally say ‘hell yea let’s do this’ after contemplating it for a short while, let alone signing up for it with me!

Claire – Not only for the sponsor but also all the background support she has provided and additional advertising of our fundraising at her place of work which made a huge difference to the donation amounts!

The Hair Salon – These fantastic people not only shaved our heads for free, putting the money towards the donations but also donated further and helped promote the event even more so in our local community!

Bringing this to a close, I would like to say one more thank you to everyone involved in this life changing experience with us and that my partner and I plan on taking a photo everyday to create a video showing our hair growth. To summarise this blog here is our before and after picture. Our small efforts have paid off.

Blog you later »


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