‘Just a trim please’

From ‘a short back and sides‘ to ‘just a trim‘ we all know that what you ask for is not normally what you get when in a hair salon. However, this is NOT the case for my partner and I this coming Saturday! 

You guessed it, we are shaving our heads! 

Macmillan Cancer Research created this event for the upcoming August in order to help raise both money and awareness of Cancer, helping bring people together and bring us a step closer to curing this awful disease. So my partner and I thought we would hop on the band wagon and see if our small efforts would help with their priceless work. It is a great cause in itself to take part in, but it is also something that is quite close to both of our hearts, my partner especially.  

For me, one of my grandparents is suffering from both kidney and liver cancer as well as several other illnesses which aids in his suffering. Other than that my mom is at the age now where she has to go in for breast screening and after a small scare the other day, followed by a further investigation at the hospital I can happily say that she is in the clear! On my partners side he has unfortunately all ready lost one grandparent to cancer and has two others who are suffering from throat cancer and pancreatic cancer. His grandad is currently going through operations and different procedures in order to help  and remove the cancerous areas and recover. As for his grandmother it is unfortunately terminal and has been estimated at a month to live, moving her home and keeping her as comfortable as possible for her remaining time.  Finally his mom. Again like breast cancer screening, women also have to go in for smear tests which identifies whether or not they have cervical cancer, which in this instance was the case. I am happy to say that it was caught early on and that after a loop biopsy and regular check ups that she is all clear and recovered. 

So yes, there you go. I plan on writing another blog this Saturday with updated photos/videos of our new hair styles as well as revealing our fundraising total and giving you a small look into our post shave life. If you want more information on Macmillan’s Brave the Shave click here and if you want to visit our brave shavers page click here.

Blog you later »


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