World Mental Health Day

Sorry this post is a day late. I didn’t finish University yesterday until 6.30pm to which I then came home and realised I had no food in, resulting in a food shop, cooking and then eventually just passing out from exhaustion. However, this week I plan on getting ahead with my scheduling so hopefully you’ll see more regular posts at regular hours next week.

Anyway, last week on the 10th October it was World Mental Health Day and the inspiration behind my post today. I’m not going to go on too much in the post but really I just want share my personal battle with Mental Health with you all.

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Guess who finally has Internet!

Well, a month after moving into my new flat and I finally have Internet! Just in time too as I was running out of DVD’s to watch. It’s so nice to be plugged in and connected again, meaning that I can now, finally get back into blogging after this month-long break!

I’m not going to babble on too much in this post however, this is just a quick one to fill you guys all in briefly on whats been happening at my end along with what to expect from my blog for the next couple of months.  Continue reading